At any moment, our vehicles can be the victim of damage from a vast variety of sources. Being a careful driver does not eliminate the possibility of an accident. Storing our cars in the garage does not guarantee its protection. Parking it far from carts and other cars at the store is not a sure thing. The wind during a storm could throw debris onto our hood, our front end could be crushed in a minor fender bender, and normal wear and tear or exposure to the elements could cause the need for repair. Damage to our cars should never be ignored, and instead be corrected as soon as possible. Taking the time to select your best choice in an auto body repair shop is well worth it. A shop carefully chosen can offer you with the highest levels of value and quality, and provide an exceptional service experience. Peters Body Shop, we take our responsibility to our customers to provide this. Our mission is to meet the needs for auto body repair in Clear Lake, MN for each customer every time.

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Though we may not be able to completely prevent the possibility of harm to our cars, we can do something about it when it does occur. Your experienced auto body technician can be a great asset to ensure your vehicle is brought back to top condition. Whatever make or model you drive, there may be more to the damage than meets the eye. Damage may seem minor to the naked eye. However, that damage could also be damaging or destroying critical automotive systems including your drive train or engine. Furthermore, a small scratch may seem insignificant. Until moisture, salt, and other chemicals penetrate the surface leading to a major rust issue. Damage that is more extensive may prevent the operation of your car at all. Even if it is drivable, the damage could be significantly reducing the safety of you and your passengers. No matter how minor or severe, having your damage carefully inspected by a professional can protect you, and save you from costlier repairs later on.

Professional Auto Body Repair in Clear Lake, MN

We spend a lot of money on our cars, and we expect them to provide us with convenient and reliable transportation for our investment. Our vehicles are often a critical machine that allow us to make a living, attend school, travel, and visit loved ones. Damage both large and small must be adequately assessed and repaired to protect our investment. If the damage is not repaired, the trust we have that our vehicles will remain convenient and reliable is also reduced. Taking the first step and seeking out a body shop that will take care of you and your vehicle with the utmost care is the right step. Your shop should use the highest quality parts and materials. It needs to have well-trained and experienced technicians, and they should use cutting edge techniques and tools to do the job right. When your vehicle is returned, the paint should match, the body should be smooth, body panels should be properly aligned, and the car should operate as the manufacturers were intending. It is their job to provide all of this and provide it in a manner that gets you back on the road as soon as possible. Peters Body Shop is your professional auto body repair and mechanical repair specialists in Clear Lake. You can be sure that with Peters Body Shop, your car will be treated as our own, and you will be treated as a valued customer should be.

Why Peters Body Shop?

Peters Body Shop has been restoring, maintaining and repairing vehicles for years. Our facility has the dedicated equipment, highest quality materials, and ASE Certified Technicians to provide exceptional quality and value. From minor dents to major damage, Peters Body Shop delivers. We are a full-service shop that has the skill, experience, and knowledge to repair both the inside and outside of your vehicle. We offer a written lifetime warranty on our services and will provide you with complete satisfaction. For over 50 years, Peters Body Shop has been serving the Central Minnesota community, and we look forward to serving you. Find out more about our auto body repair services, or contact us with any questions or to receive an estimate.