How To Avoid Hail Damage In Minnesota

 Hail causes millions of dollars of damage each year in the United States. At Peters Body Shop in St. Cloud, we see tons of hail damage vehicles come through. And while we’re happy to fix every vehicle we can, we hate to see people saddened by a totalled vehicle, or financially hurt by repairs.

That’s why we’d like to help you avoid hail damage by providing some common-sense and not-so-common-sense tips to help you avoid hail damage.

Watching The Weather

You own a smartphone, and may be reading this on one now. You can get the weather at any point within about five seconds. Simply by keeping an eye on the weather and taking action when severe weather is on the way, you can avoid most hail damage.

When a bad storm is on the way and a chance of hail is present, get your vehicle covered right away to avoid hail damage.

Purchasing A Car Cover

Car covers can be made of many different materials, so be sure to do your research. But a good polyester and urethane car cover should be able to protect your vehicle from most small hail storms. 

A car cover is quick to throw on in the event of sudden bad weather, or if you’re traveling and caught unprepared.

Purchasing A Car Port

Whether the car port is a metal shed, polyethylene fabric cover, vinyl, or other material, it can easily protect your vehicle from storms and hail. You can even get one with sides to protect from hail in high winds.

Knowing Places To Shelter When Traveling

If you’re traveling, make sure to plan ahead. Watch the weather forecast, but also plan for where you could stop along the way and take shelter in the event of hail, such as a parking garage, gas station, or rural bridge. 

Protecting your vehicle while traveling is key – you don’t have to have to worry about calling insurance and finding an auto body repair shop in the middle of a trip.

Being Aware Of Emergency Coverage: i.e. Floor Mats

In a worst case scenario, if you have none of the above, throw your floor mats on the roof of your car. They may not cover everything, but at least you’ll be able to protect portions of your vehicle from hail damage. 

Anything else you have which can help, like a large blanket which you can pin down with the floor mats, is also a good idea.

A Local St. Cloud Auto Body Repair Shop

At Peters Body Shop, we pride ourselves on the care we give to each customer and vehicle. Our philosophy of auto body care and repair has been at the cornerstone of our success since 1957.

From personal care to those in distress over an accident, to patiently addressing your concerns over costs, insurance, and reliable repair, Peters’ staff has years of experience in dealing with these events and will go to extraordinary lengths to support our customers in every way. 

Staying current with technology and maintaining a well-trained staff has allowed us to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the automotive industry today offered in an auto body repair shop in St. Cloud, MN.