Work Authorization

  • In consideration for Peters Body Shop repairing my vehicle I agree to the following:

    1. I authorize the repair work to be done with the necessary materials and agree that Peters will not be responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle or articles left in the vehicle in case of fire, theft or any cause beyond their control.
    2. Peters has my permission to operate my vehicle for the purpose of testing, inspection and delivery at my risk.
    3. I further authorize Peters in its best and honest judgement to either repair or replace parts on my vehicle and I defer to such decision as they shall make even if this repair or replacement differs from the insurance estimated repair. Peters completed repairs shall not exceed the insurance company’s allowance except by agreement with them and will not result in additional cost to me unless I approve an additional amount which I intend to pay. I hereby grant power of attorney for the specific purpose of signing authorization forms and drafts for the repair cost only.
    4. Due to circumstances beyond our control delivery dates are not guaranteed and rental responsibility is not accepted.
    5. All parts prices are subject to invoice. If the estimated parts are not available we reserve the right to repair such parts or search for alternative options.
    6. Peters Body Shop is not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. For your protection please be sure that all of your personal belongings have been removed from your vehicle.
    7. Deductible payments must be made in full at the time of delivery and insurance payments must be collected or verified at the time of pick up.
    8. If a customer receives an insurance check for damages or receives a check after repairs are completed it is the customer responsibility to pay the body shop the amount of the payment made by the insurance company.
    9. Peters has my permission to scan my vehicle and share scanned data with a third party insurance company.

    I understand that my vehicle will not be released until Peters Body Shop has received payment in full or that arrangements have been made by the insurance company to pay the shop directly. I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the policies stated above.

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