3 Auto Maintenance Solutions For When Your Vehicle Won’t Start

You turn the key, and nothing, Or maybe the engine turns over, but still won’t start. These kinds of issues usually require auto maintenance, but you may be able to at least diagnose the issue yourself, if not outright fix it.

3 Auto Maintenance Solutions For When Your Vehicle Won’t Start


1. Battery Issuesstocksnap_t7t37kwy8g

Your issue might be as simple as a dead battery. If you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, this is the most likely issue and can be fixed by replacing the battery. The other most likely issue would be corroded or loose contacts on the battery, which then need to be cleaned and/or secured.


2. Ignition Issues

If you turn the key and the engine turns over but won’t start, it will probably be an issue with the ignition. Ignition issues usually need to be looked at by an auto maintenance professional.


You can check if the ignition switch might be the problem by turning the key to the on position (not the start position) to see if the warning lights on the dashboard work. If they don’t light up, the ignition switch likely needs to be replaced.


3. Fuel Issuesmechanical_repair_01

Another auto maintenance issue to be aware of is a faulty fuel filter. These usually need to be replaced by an auto maintenance specialist every 12,000 miles or so, because they do get clogged over time, keeping fuel from reaching the engine.


Lastly, but check this before you check anything else, is an empty fuel tank. If you tend to drive to the last drop, you might’ve just gone too far. Of course, you don’t need an auto maintenance specialist for this one.


However, if you do end up needing help with your auto maintenance, contact us or visit us at Peters Body Shop, your auto maintenance experts!