Being a careful driver does not ensure that damage to your car will not occur. Nor will taking precautions such as parking it away from other vehicles or storing it in your garage. Damage can come with little warning in a wide variety of ways. Some damage may seem minor and easily ignored. Other damage may be significant and cause for serious concern. A storm may drop a branch across the hood. A vandal may give it a new paint job from a can. A fellow driver may follow too closely and take out our back end. In fact, even the normal wear and tear from general use can lead to much larger issues down the road. Whenever your vehicle is damaged, it is important that you do not ignore it, but have it professionally repaired as soon as possible. However, just as important as prompt action, it is critical to find the right auto body shop to complete the work. You have many options available, and it is well worth the time to determine the shop offering the greatest customer service, the best quality workmanship, and the most experienced team. Peters Body Shop is proud to serve the residents of Clearwater, MN with just that.

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It does not matter what make or model vehicle you drive. Damage of any kind, even when it seems minor, could contribute or lead to much larger issues over time. Damage as simple as a scratch through normal wear and tear may be easy to ignore. However, that leaves your body panels susceptible to moisture, salt, and other road chemicals. As these penetrate the protective coating and paint, that minor scratch can quickly become a major problem. When more significant damage is present, it may prevent you from operating your vehicle at all. If you are able to drive it, the damage could cause a dangerous blow to its ability to protect you and keep you safe. When you choose to enlist the service of a professional auto body repair shop, they can do more than merely improve the cosmetic appearance of your car. They can ensure your vehicle functions properly, and helps keep you safe. To the eye, minor damage may seem benign. However, that minor damage may also be attributing to damage to or complete failure of your vehicle’s crucial systems including your drivetrain. A professional can assess the damage, offer recommendations and solutions, and save you costly repairs and major headaches down the road.

Professional Auto Body Repair in Clearwater, MN

When you own a vehicle, it is not just a convenient machine or a symbol of your status. It is an investment in which you put your money up in the hope that the vehicle will deliver on its promise of convenience and reliability. Our cars allow us to make a living, attend school, see new sights, and visit our loved ones. Whenever there is damage, whether minor or significant, the value of our investment and the convenience and reliability we expect can be significantly reduced. To choose an auto body shop, you should take note of the companies’ track record for providing exceptional service and high value. Parts and materials used should be the highest quality available. Tools and techniques should be top of the line, and technicians should be well trained and experienced. You should have no concern that when you car is returned, the body panels will align, the paint will match, and the safety and reliability are carefully checked. Your shop should be focused on offering a first-class experience and place you back on the road as soon as possible. Peters Body Shop is your professional auto body repair and mechanical repair specialists in Clearwater. You can be sure that with Peters Body Shop, your car will be treated as our own, and you will be addressed as a valued customer as you should be.

Why Peters Body Shop?

Peters Body Shop has been restoring, maintaining and repairing vehicles for years. Our facility has the dedicated equipment, highest quality materials, and ASE Certified Technicians to provide exceptional quality and value. From minor dents to major damage, Peters Body Shop delivers. We are a full-service shop that has the skill, experience, and knowledge to repair both the inside and outside of your vehicle. We offer a written lifetime warranty on our services and will provide you with complete satisfaction. For over 50 years, Peters Body Shop has been serving the Central Minnesota community, and we look forward to serving you. Find out more about our auto body repair services, or contact us with any questions or to receive an estimate.