How To Deal With Hail Damage To Your Car

When hail strikes, it’s bad news for everyone. However, if your car was left outside, or you didn’t have an option but to leave it outside, it’s even worse!


Dents, chips, cracks and shattered windshields can all come from hail damage, and hail does not discriminate on the area of your car it hits. If the damage is extensive, you’ll definitely need the services of a professional auto body repair shop.


However, if there are only a small number of tiny dents, without paint chipping, you may be able to repair some of the hail damage yourself.

Home Repair Kitshail-damage-1272030_1920

There are many different types of home dent repair kits you can buy at stores, and they may work for you or may not. Under perfect conditions, you might save yourself hundreds of dollars; if things don’t go right, you may cost yourself hundreds extra when you finally need to take it to a repair shop.

Dry Ice & A Blow Dryer

A car’s metal body expands under heat, and small dents are expected to pop out and disappear if heat is applied in the right way. One way of doing this is with the above items.


Using proper safety equipment, apply dry ice to the dent until it is frigid, and then use a blow dryer to quickly heat the area. This is supposed to force the metal back into its original shape.


Whether this works or not depends entirely on your execution of the method, the dent and material involved, as well as luck. Tips such as this one are always highly risky with little real chance of usefulness, so execute at your own risk.

Auto Body Repair Shop

For exceptional results without the fear of trying something that only causes more damage, visit a professional auto body repair shop. An auto body shop will often offer a free estimate and can also provide sound advice more than a generic auto body video or article on the web.


If hail damage is covered by your insurance provider, file a claim and get it repaired by an auto body shop that’s recognized by your insurance company.